Commuters leaving Booneville heading west last Wednesday morning encountered something that could have come from the mind from Stephen King — a bloody Highway 10.

A long bloody highway.

Starting outside of Booneville, the scene was constant through the heart of Greenwood to Bear Hollow Road on Highway 71.

The mystery chicken truck that laid a trail of blood was identified on Friday.

Chad Adams, Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department District 4 engineer, said a tractor-trailer with MKJ Trucking out of Springfield, Mo., was hauling blood for OK Foods from Heavener, Okla., to Danville.

"The truck driver must’ve hit a bump of some sort and it knocked a valve loose, so he was draining blood until a motorist flagged him down and he pulled over and got it stopped," Adams said.

A company representative told Adams that MKJ Trucking is committed to assisting with clean up. The company is looking to get a sweeper truck out of Tulsa to take on the job, Adams said.

"Honestly, I don’t know what a sweeper’s going to do," Adams said. "If it’s thick, then it may knock that top dried layer off. But once it’s soaked down into the pavement, Mother Nature will wash it and the sun will kind of eat it away like it does everything else."

Adams said as far as he knows, most of the blood is still smeared along a 20-mile stretch of road from near the Jenny Lind community to Logan County.

"I guess they could scrub 20 miles of highway, but it seems kind of pointless," he said. "There’s not a hazard — it’s just a stain."