A suspected arson in which a county owned pickup truck was burned is under investigation by the Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

An unknown person called in a fire at the county yard located on Highway 23 north of Booneville shortly after 5 a.m. last Wednesday. The Booneville Rural Fire Department responded to the fire in which a white Ford truck was burning, according to Roger Osborne of the BRFD.

Investigator Ray Gack of the LCSO was called in when the fire was deemed suspicious. According to an incident report, Gack determined the hottest spot of the fire was inside the cab of the truck.

The truck was parked near both gasoline and diesel pumps that sustained damage from the heat, according to Gack’s report.

Gack also acquired numerous fingerprints that will be sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for analysis, including from the tailgate of the burned vehicle.

According to his report, Gack located fingerprints from the door of a GMC pickup parked south of the burned vehicle — the regular driver of the vehicle offered to be fingerprinted for comparison. The gas cap for the burned vehicle was discovered near that pickup. Prints were also lifted from a pair of bolt cutters lying behind the truck and believed to have been left by the suspect.

The suspect apparently gained entry into the yard by cutting a chain link fence. Near the hole in the fence officers found a siphoning hose which they also seized and examined for fingerprints.

Reported missing from the truck was a fuel pump for a diesel fuel tank that was in the bed of the vehicle. A water hose was also located near the pickup truck, the report states.

Anyone with any information about the incident is asked to call the Gack at Logan County Sheriff’s Office at 963-3271. The number for the sheriff’s office in Booneville is 675-3718.