Editor’s Note: Reid’s Hometown Barbecue announced Thursday night their dining room would be open starting today.

Restaurants in Arkansas were permitted to offer dine in service starting Monday, May 11 but most south Logan County eateries opted to continue curbside or to-go service during the first week.

Two exceptions were the JAM Mart on the eastern edge of the city and the local Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell.

At JAM Mart those opting for a sit down burger basket or other menu item had the option of table seating. All booths remained closed inside the convenience store/eatery.

At KFC/Taco Bell employees were also following the Arkansas Department of Health guidelines for reopening including employees wearing masks, hand sanitizer available for customers and a one-third seating limitation.

To accomplish that the chain had had a large red X on tables where customers could not sit with available tables sanitized prior to each use.

Employees also continued to fill drink cups — a procedure which began before a directive from state officials to discontinue dine in service — and meals purchased were prepared as to-go orders.

Reopening is expected to be a three phase process.

Almost immediately after the announcement that the first phase of reopening for restaurants would begin on May 11, some restaurants in the area announced they would not be able to adhere to the restrictions, especially the one-third capacity limit.

The limit would trim multiple area eateries to less than 10 and some to less than five possible in house seating.