On April 16 two Booneville Police Department officers were dispatched to a vehicle accident call.

A day later the BPD was informed one of the individuals connected with the call had tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19).

A BPD official confirmed the diagnosis and the officers, after being subjected to constant monitoring, eclipsed the two-week incubation period commonly associated with the virus last Thursday.

Neither officer developed symptoms associated with the virus, BPD Lt. Ben Villarreal said last week after the incubation period expired.

For Brett Chappell, one of the officers involved, that meant, largely, continuing what he was doing anyway.

"Basically, since this started my whole family had quarantined with just our immediate family," Chappell said. "We have had Sunday lunches at my grandpa’s house every Sunday after church since I was little, and we haven’t even had those because of my grandpa being elderly.

"Basically, I just go to work and come straight home where it’s just me, my girlfriend — who works at Mercy — and baby girl. My girlfriend did the grocery shopping for these past two weeks, just in case."

During the incubation period, for any duty period the officers had to have their temperature taken.

"That’s supposed to be a first sign, a rising temperature," Villarreal said. "We told them if their temperature started rising not to come to work."

That would not happen.

"The way it fell, they were actually off for three days so we just made sure on Sunday evening that both felt good before they came back to work on Monday."

The officers also wore masks any time they were in the BPD offices. One of them came in only when necessary, Villarreal added.

Documentation associated with the accident was also digitally copied and destroyed via fire.