An unforeseen side effect of wearing face masks as a result of the coronavirus crisis emerged in recent weeks is raw ears. Health care professionals and EMS personnel have grown accustomed to wearing masks all day and suffering through the discomfort.

For Miranda Tankersley, her love of crafting has turned from a hobby and business to a way of helping those on the front lines during the worldwide health crisis.

“I have friends and family in the healthcare industry that we’re saying their ears hurt after a 12- to 16-hour shift. I saw a need that I knew I could fill,” said Tankersley.

Tankersley, who operates Miranda’s Custom Creations, knew that she could make an ear saver pattern by using her Cricut.

The ear savers allow the mask’s ear loops to hook onto the plastic gadget instead of behind the ears to avoid ear soreness and chafing.

“I cut them [the ear savers] out of plastic placemats that you can find at Dollar Tree with my Cricut.” sand Tankersley.

Tankersley is offering the “ear savers” to healthcare workers completely free of charge and so far has made over 500 of them.

“I have given away the ear savers to Paris Health and Rehab, UAMS, Mercy Clinic in Ft. Smith, and various individuals, including a gentleman in Iowa who is a city transit diver in Sioux City,” she said.

Tankersley plans to keep providing ear savers to whoever needs them, for as long as there is a need. If anyone is interested in placing an order, they can contact her at (479) 213-6263 or by visiting her Facebook page.