According to organizers, the 17th annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast has been postponed indefinitely.

First Western Bank organizes the event which, throughout its history has been held on the first Thursday of May, or the National Day of Prayer.

Booneville Mayor Jerry Wilkins said last week he is holding out hope a 2020 event can be able to held at a future date, but he admits the prospects are not promising.

"I hate not to have it because that’ $3,000 donation to the Boys & Girls Club and they depend on that," said Wilkins.

But Wilkins said if the current, or similar gathering limitations remain in place for an extended time having the event might prove impossible.

The event traditionally attracts between 200 and 250 to the First Baptist Church Family Life Center.

Ethan Harbour of First Western said last week he too hopes the event can be held, but it might prove difficult trying to ascertain an amount of food necessary based on what might be an uncertain crowd size.

Wilkins said he typically attends a mayor’s prayer breakfast in Fort Smith July.