The number of Logan County youth participating in the annual 4-H poultry chain took a drop this year compared to last, but COVID-19 is not considered the reason.

Logan County Extension Agent Sarah Enoch said the 62 participants last year was an unusually large number that may not be achieved again for a while, and that she was not unhappy with the 50 kids registered for the program this year.

That meant Enoch had 872 birds chirping away and on their way to new homes last week.

Of course, as it has much of life, the health emergency did alter the program.

Rather than kids picking up their birds at the courthouse Enoch met kids and their parents at the South Logan County Fairgrounds at appointed times over a few hours last Thursday.

Kids take 20 chicks — with roosters as an option as well — to raise, returning three to be shown at the annual fair and livestock show.

Those are then sold to bidders in an auction on the final day of the fair to fund the program for the next year.

Another result of the pandemic, likely, Enoch said she was inundated with calls from bidders recently looking to purchase any of last year’s herd kids might want to sell.