While the multiple standard precautions are being taken, the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is not an avenue to avoid arrest, at least not in Booneville.

Booneville Police Department Lt. Ben Villarreal said last week the virus is not a get-of-jail-free card and “we’re monitoring and still making arrests if people need to be arrested.”

Officers are also still working traffic accidents, investigating domestic complaints, and serving warrants when they come into contact with someone who has an outstanding warrant Villareal adds.

Should the later necessitate an overnight stay awaiting bond, then that is what is happening as well, as was the case with an individual picked up on a warrant last week.

That’s all provided the individual being detained does not exhibit COVID-19 symptoms.

Villarreal said the department has also received no reports of citizens disregarding and or disobeying federal or state directives relating to gatherings or social distancing.