Logan County saw its first and second confirmed positive tests for the coronavirus COVID-19 last week.

The first positive test came on Monday, a day in which more than 1,400 tests were completed. The second confirmed test occurred on Friday.

When Logan County Judge Ray Gack was notified of the first positive case — Gack reported the first case to be in the Scranton area — Logan County had had 22 negative tests.

Gack said Friday he wasn’t told where the second case was located.

There was, however, wide social media speculation the positive test originated from the Booneville area.

On Monday afternoon Governor Asa Hutchinson announced there had been 1,410 confirmed cases in the state.

At that point there had been 33 negative cases in Logan County.

An Arkansas Department of Health internet page map added deaths and recovery statistics for each county on Wednesday.

As of Monday of this week Logan County has had no instances in either category.

Neighboring Sebastian County reported its first case of the virus on March 21 — Pope County had reported its first on March 19 — and a week later Johnson County reported its first case. Scott County had its first report of a case on April 1.

Only Scott County has had fewer tests returned than Logan. Scott had only four tests completed Monday morning.

The neighboring county with the most tests through Monday morning was Pope where 1,047 tests had been returned as negative with 31 positive tests, also the most.

Johnson County has had 13 positive tests, with five recoveries as of Monday morning and Sebastian County had 10 , also with five recoveries.

No counties bordering Logan has reported a death attributable to COVID-19.

At the time the county had its first confirmed case of the virus, Franklin County was also reported to have a confirmed case..

That turned out to be an error leaving Franklin as the only county touching Logan to be unaffected, but that would change Tuesday when county officials there also learned of a COVID-19 patient.