Churches in south Logan County are adapting to social distancing guidelines and crowd size limitations by using the internet and even some old school technology as a means to keep spreading the word.

However many are grappling with exactly how to handle any activities to celebrate risen Savior message of Easter, which is Sunday, April 12.

“I try to make a weekly decision, but of course right now it’s pretty obvious we can’t meet,” said Glendale Baptist Church Pastor Jarrell Woodhull. “We’re still planning to do Facebook Live at this point, but I’m going to look at options (this week) to see if there’s something additional we can do.

“I thought about trying to have an outdoor service if people wanted to spread out in lawn chairs or tailgates but that hasn’t come to fruition yet. I still kind of concerned about people gathering together in masses of any kind.”

Facebook’s live capability as well Youtube channels are popular among area church officials and viewers, as is a more traditional means of FM radio.

Woodhull said the videos have gotten better response than some services.

“The first week we had over 500 engage with the video,” said Woodhull.

Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Booneville joined the FM route last week when Henry Jenkins delivered his sermon from a church porch to listeners parked in the church parking lot via FM station 98.3.

“I actually have an FM transmitter that I use for my Christmas light and we have a dome light that lets us plug into it that lets us tranmit that signal,” said Dusty Taylor, who set up the system for the church.

First Booneville also utilizes the short distance signal for its messages which it has dubbed “windshiled worship.” The church also has links to multiple services on their webpage

Woodhull is coinsider having joining the radio broadcast numbers but said he could not have everything worked out by Easter.

Here are several options for Easter and other worship services in south Logan County:

Booneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church

335 Sharpe

Drive-in services at 10:45 a.m.: Old Union Cumberland and Walnut Grove Cumberland are invited to join us.

Booneville First Assembly

Online Services at 11 a.m.:

Booneville First United Methodist Church

Online Services at 10:30 a.m.:

Booneville First United Pentecostal

Online Services at:

Eastwood Community Church

Online Services at:

Faith Lutheran Church

Online Services at:

First Baptist Booneville

Windshield Worship 9 a.m. Sunday

382 N Kennedy

Online Services at:

Glendale Baptist Church


Live Services Sunday 11 a.m.:

Golden City Assembly of God

Front Porch Outdoor Service

Grace Church, Booneville

Online Services: Sunday 11 a.m.; Wednesday 7 p.m.;

Heritage Addition Church of Christ

Online Services at 10:30 a.m.:

Long Ridge Baptist Church

Online Services at:

Drive-In Easter Sunday Service

April 12th, 11 a.m.

Magazine First Assembly of God

“Drive-In Service” Sunday morning at 11 a.m.

Parkview Southern Baptist

Online Services at 11 a.m.:

Solid Rock Church at Magazine

Online Services at 11 a.m.:

Starting Point Church, Magazine

Online Services at:

Trinity PCG in Magazine

Online Sunday Services at 10:45am; Wednesday Evening Services at 5:45 p.m.:

Victory Baptist

Online Services at 11 a.m:; YouTube: Victory Baptist