Drivers accustomed to ignoring the flashing yellow traffic light at the intersection of Welsh and Main streets in Booneville are being urged to take note that the light is about to be active.

Booneville Mayor Jerry Wilkins last week announced the city will be activating the stoplight on March 2 to give east and west drivers time to get accustomed to possible red lights at the intersection.

The change with the light is to handle an anticipated change in the traffic pattern at the intersection once the Casey’s store currently under construction at the intersection opens for business.

The targeted opening date for the store was March 12 but has been shifted to March 20, the Democrat has learned.

Activating the light, Wilkins believes, will require only a change in the settings operating it.

While east and west bound traffic currently have a flashing yellow light, north and south bound drivers along Welsh encounter a flashing red light.

The mayor also said the Booneville Police Department will be monitoring traffic at the intersection once the light is again active.

With the light active, Booneville drivers will again have five signals along Highway 10 to consider.