With the 150th anniversary of the creation of Logan County approaching, Sheriff Jason Massey recently took a drive down memory lane.

All living former Logan County Sheriffs joined current Massey and his staff at the Logan County Detention Center in Paris recently.

The six former top officers in the county, along with Massey, have collectively held the office since 1977.

“It was a pleasure having all of the living Logan County Sheriffs from 1977 to present at the new Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center last week for a group photograph and a time of sharing,” Massey said in a Facebook post about the occasion. “We heard a lot of great stories and memories that are a part of the historical fabric of Logan County.”

The living former sheriffs are William “Dub” Hamilton, 1977-1982; Bill Kimbriel, 1983-1992; Ray Gack, 1993-2000; Mark Limbird, 2001-2006; Steve Smith, 2007-2014; Boyd Dan Hicks, 2015-2018; and Massey, who began in 2019.

“I thank each of them for their service as our Sheriffs,” Massey said. “Our county was founded in 1871 and next year will be the 150th anniversary of our founding and I am very thankful for the citizens allowing me to be part of this fine group of law enforcement officers.”

Massey credited Chief Deputy Joshua Scott for arranging the meeting and investigator Johnny Bolinger for the photograph and the framing and names on the photograph.

A day after the Sheriff’s Office Facebook post, Massey made another post of a photo, borrowed from Wagon Wheels, which is a A Logan County Historical Society publication.

In that photograph, which Massey says motivated the recent photo, are some of the sheriffs who served from 1892 through 1928.

In the photo are Bill Roady, 1892-1896, George G. Dandridge, 1896-1904; Joel B. Cook, 1912-1916; Adrian “Manese” Hardwicke, 1916-1921; and Sam Kincannon, 1925-28.

Cook was the Sheriff who investigated the murder of Amanda Stephens in the Delaware community in 1913. Cook arrested Arthur Tillman and he was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death.

On July 15, 1914, Tillman was hanged by Sheriff Cook at the Logan County Jail, now the Logan County Museum located northwest of the courthouse square. It was the last legal hanging in Arkansas.