Booneville Senior Center officials learned last week a check was in the mail. A rather large $42,112 check.

From the Arkansas Community Assistance Grant Program, the funds were awarded through a City of Booneville application on the center’s behalf and with the help of Rep. Jon Eubanks and Sen. Gary Stubblefield and will be used to purchase new vehicles for the senior center’s Meals On Wheels program.

The senior center employs three vehicles for the meal delivery service now but the two vehicles “are on their absolute last leg,” said senior center executive director Kayleigh Bynum.

The vehicles were donated by the Area Agency on Aging about seven years ago and, Bynum said, have surpassed 200,000 miles as the service covers not only Booneville but also Magazine, Sugar Grove, Blue Mountain, Ione, the Jack Creek area, and west of the city to almost Washburn.

“Basically all over south Logan County,” said Bynum.

Because of that Bynum is hoping the new vehicles will be of the all wheel drive variety.

“We do go on some bad roads,” said Bynum. “I think every route we go on has at least one out in the middle of nowhere dirt road.”

The service delivers 80 meals daily, Bynum said.