Booneville’s one percent sales tax raked in more than $700,000 for the first time in 2019.

City officials were remitted $56,567.78 from State Treasurer Dennis Milligan’s office last week, capping a year in which it collected $705,909.62.

That’s an increase of $26,550.58, or 3.9 percent, more than the 2018 total.

The December take was $1,134.96, or almost 2 percent, less than November collections, but it was $1,242.74, or 2.3 percent, more than was collected in December of 2018.

Proceeds from the tax benefit 10 different city agencies. Those, along with their collections for 2019 are:

• City improvement, 30 percent, $211, 772.89

• Police department, 22 percent, $155,300.12

• Fire department, 10 percent, $70,590.96

• Area Agency/Senior Center, 10 percent, $70,590.96

• Booneville airport, 7 percent, $49,413.67

• Street department, 5 percent, $42,354.58

• Parks commission, 5 percent, $42,354.58

• Animal control, 5 percent, $42,354.58

• BDC/Chamber, 4 percent, $28,236.38

• Oak Hill Cemetery, 2 percent, $14,118.19

The tax was approved by Booneville voters for a fifth five-year term in 2015 which will expire this year barring a renewal.

City officials began the procedure to seek a renewal for a sixth term in October.

A tentative date for the election was then set for Feb. 11.

Jail Tax

The two one-half percent sales taxes for the Logan County Detention — one half to retire the debt accumulated to build the jail, and one-half to maintain and equip it — each took in $97,355.27 in December.

The taxes took in $1,161,195.33 during 2019, in increase of a little more than $9,000, just 0.7 percent, than was collected in 2018.

In October the total to-date collection reached one-fourth of the $12.1 million the county issued in bonds to construct the 100-bed jail, which opened in May of 2019. The total collected for the debt is now more than $3.2 million.