In hopes of ending an issue with an problematic manhole in the Village Loop, the Booneville Water Department last week completed installation of a new sewer line.

Department officials replaced a 10-inch line that connected with the manhole outside the Department of Human Services, with a 15-inch line, water department superintendent Larry Maness said.

Maness mentioned overflowing problems with that manhole during a city council meeting when the water department was seeking additional funding.

The council approved a $6 per meter fee in May with collection beginning in July. It was the first increase for the water department since 2007.

Maness said the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality has issued multiple warnings to the department over the manhole which serves as a junction for homes and businesses from Kennedy Street, Maness said, including the elementary school.

Completion of the section nearest the manhole is one of a series which will be undertaken by the department.

An eight-inch line going into a manhole behind the new Casey’s location has been outfitted for a 15-inch line which will ultimately run under the highway and connect two other manholes on its way to the new line installed last week, Maness said.

Maness said the department will be forced to bore the highway rather than employ a procedure known as a pipe burst because it is unclear whether the pipe is in a conduit, whether pipe under the highway is cast iron, or whether it is something else.

“You just don’t know,” said Maness. “So we’ll have to bore the highway.”

Maness said there are plans to add another 300 foot of 15-inch line immediately to the south of the end of last week’s project.