The Booneville School Board last week approved adding a keyless entry system at each of the school district’s main campus buildings.

Each of the buildings will be outfitted with a card reader which teachers and other authorized personnel will use to gain access to the facility.

All others will have to be admitted, or “buzzed in,” by a school representative who will have a camera feed to see who is seeking entrance.

Superintendent of Schools Trent Goff said last week rather than addressing an issue within the district the project was a recent recommendation from Governor Asa Hutchinson’s office and that he had checked with several other area districts and found they already employ a similar system.

“It’s just a safety measure to protect our students,” said Goff.

While the system will log who is in the building by tracking key card use, employees will not be required to scan their card to exit the building.

The system will be installed by Progressive Technologies, the company responsible for the camera system currently in use by the school district.

The total cost of the system is almost $50,000 plus taxes and will be paid for with money saved in the district’s building fund and from federal funds Goff said.

Goff said he expects the system to be installed by some time in March, after which time there will be a training period before it becomes active.