The monthly meeting of staff and partners of Magazine School District’s wellness center held last week included a couple of special guests in field representatives from Sens. John Boozman’s and Tom Cotton’s offices.

Chris Hoover, a field representative from Cotton’s Springdale office, and Jessi Solley, a field representative form Boozman’s Fort Smith office, both reported being impressed during a tour of the operation which includes three medical exam rooms, two dental chairs, an optometrist office, and mental health services.

Magazine was in just the second round of grants for school-based wellness centers so the facility is in its ninth year the representatives were told.

Hoover noted positions like his make him the Senator’s “eyes and ears on the ground,” and Solley said any grants the center is seeking to attract can gain assistance with support let from the Senator.

When Hoover and Solley posed a joint question as to what their respective Senators could do to assist the operation, the answer was a simple one: have the officials work to provide national funding for the mental health aspect of school-based mental health centers.

Wellness program coordinator Donna Robinson said the center has more than 60 who use the center for mental health services and that she has seen a trend in which providers are “pulling out of school-based” services.