The Booneville School District has a new telephone number, but you have plenty of time to learn it.

While the new number of 1-855-675-3339, which is a toll-free number, is operational, the numbers previously associated with the school are still in use, for now.

“You can still call (675) 3277, 2604, or any of the building numbers and it will just roll over to the new number,” superintendent of schools Trent Goff said Friday. “Next (school) year we’ll probably have to go to the toll free number completely.”

Callers to the district now are prompted to pick from a six choice menu of Administration, Elementary School, Junior High School, High School, Bus Barn or Maintenance, with each choice having multiple additional choices.

The change is due to a switch to an internet-based phone system, which the Booneville School Board approved in the summer.

The new phone system was needed to addresses inoperable intercoms, especially at the elementary school, and other issues, Goff told the school board in July.

He also said oing to an internet based system would be more cost effective than merely replacing the system in the long run.

Goff said the replacement was in the neighborhood $30,000, but the school could get a new phone system and intercom system all at once because the district could start saving money by going to a voice system

Goff also noted Magazine, Paris and other schools in the area now use internet systems and he expected phone use savings to pay for the system in three years or less.

The district purchased the phones and placed them but hired a contractor to install the wiring for them.

Initially Goff had hoped the school could retain its numbers and while that could have been possible it would have meant working with multiple companies which was not preferred.