Brucellosis is a reproductive disease in cattle that is caused by a bacterial infection in the reproductive tract of cattle.

Brucellosis can lead to abortion of fetus in infected cattle. After abortion, the bacterium is very prevalent in the aborted fetus, placental fluid and placental membrane. This can lead to spread of the disease to other cattle or susceptible cattle can become infected through direct contact with an infected animal.

Once infected, a cow will likely carry the disease for life. Most cows only abort once but may have small or weak calves for the rest of their lives.

This disease is particularly dangerous because it is transmissible to humans. It is referred to as undulant fever and can cause flu-like symptoms in people. Arkansas is considered to be free of Brucellosis, but Arkansas law still requires that all replacement heifers receive the free vaccine when they are between four and twelve months of age.

If you have heifers between 4 and 12 months of age and you’re planning to keep them, you should have them vaccinated against Brucellosis (also called Bangs). The Logan County Extension Service is conducting a Bangs vaccination clinic on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

This service is provided by the Logan County Cooperative Extension Service in cooperation with the Arkansas Poultry and Livestock Commission.

Producers wishing to participate in this free clinic should contact the Logan County Extension office at 479-963-2360 or 479-675-2787. You can also email your information to The deadline to register your heifers for vaccination is Friday, Nov. 1.