Booneville Development Corporation/South Logan County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Susan Bulger announced last week she will be leaving the position.

Bulger gave the a six week notice, which runs through Nov. 29. She said she picked that length in order to help the board complete a budget for 2019.

She also said compiling that budget has been complicated by the recent decision by the city council to approve Mayor Jerry Wilkins’ suggestion of dropping what the city contributes to the Chamber in the way of dues by more than half.

The city and Booneville Water Department were both members of the Chamber contributing $6,250 each annually but will now contribute a total of $6,000 annually.

The Chamber is also a four percent benefactor of the city’s one percent sales tax. The tax is on pace to raise about $700,000, which would mean about $28,000 for the Chamber.

Bulger also said last week she hopes that she enjoyed her almost four years in the position and it is her desire that local businesses and the city will experience growth.