Last Friday’s docket in the Southern District of Logan County featured three rape cases. All were continued until November and December dates.

The same three were on the Oct. 4 docket for pre-trial motions, when a fourth rape case was set for arraignment. That case will not appear on a docket again until December.

Two of the three cases on Friday’s docket were filed in 2019 and the other in 2018.

Of the four active cases currently making their way through the courts three involve victims under the age of 14 and the other is an alleged forced incident in which a pregnancy occurred.

Including two failure to comply with sex offender registration chases, there have been seven sexual related cases filed by 15th Judicial District Prosecutors this year. That, as well as the three rape cases matches 2018 totals.

It also continues a now three year trend of there being more than five sexual related cases filed during a given year.

An examination of sex related filings shows an uptick since the beginning of 2017 as there have been a total of 26 cases or two more than the previous five years combined.

Since the beginning of 2017 there have been 10 rape cases filed after there had been eight cases the previous five years.

While charged rape offenses are up, sexual assault filings have actually dropped. There were nine between 2012 and 2017 but none since.

During that same time frame there have been five other cases involving child pornography and there have been seven such cases since the beginning of 2016. There had been none in 2012-2015.

Among the total of 50 sex cases since the beginning of 2012 there has also been one of an offender alleged to have been working with children, one for sexual indecency with a child, and another misdemeanor account of public sexual indecency.