Booneville Schools Superintendent Trent Goff also told the Booneville School Board last week he is looking into adding a parking area and an access road to the district administration building.

In other matters the school board also approved a $350 bonus for all employees to be paid with the November payroll.

Goff said the move will cost the district about $86,000.

Regarding the paving project Goff said doing so would depend upon cost and probably could not be addressed until at least next summer.

The idea, Goff said, is largely to relieve traffic congestion in the morning when teachers and parents dropping off students are arriving simultaneously.

The congestion occurs because Seventh Street, by which teachers reach their parking lot and parents drop off students, is a one way street.

“It’s just not easy to get in here,” Goff said.

An added bonus would be extra parking for times when the elementary school has a parent attended program, like the Veteran’s Day or Christmas programs.

So far Goff has had one company look at the project, but he expects to discuss the idea with at least a couple more.

Goff is also in the initial phases of checking into a potential project to help with fencing and light pole replacement at the Billy Kiersey Baseball/Softball Complex which the school’s baseball and softball teams use.