In an ongoing investigation two men have been arrested in connection with a shooting at a Powell Street residence in Magazine on Oct. 4, and one of the two was later implicated in a string of vandalism in Booneville.

Devin Mullen, 23, of Paris, and Justin Jones, 33, of Magazine were taken into custody in connection with the shooting, but neither resided at the residence where the incident occurred.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a gunshot victim at Mercy Hospital in Booneville on Oct. 4 where they found a woman who had been shot near her stomach with a small caliber weapon.

Sheriff’s office investigators found blood at the Magazine home and learned there were multiple witnesses to the shooting, but none had notified law enforcement.

According to the LCSO, Mullen is alleged to have had a metal baton and Jones is alleged to have had the firearm when, during an altercation, the firearm was discharged and struck the female victim.

Both weapons have been recovered.

“There are multiple witnesses and suspect statements, so the investigators are continuing to pursue leads in the case. It is anticipated that a battery in the second-degree charge will be filed against Justin Jones and an aggravated assault charge will be filed against Devin Mullen,” Logan County Sheriff Jason Massey said last week.

During questioning, Mullen reportedly confessed to being involved in painting variations of D + R 4ever, a heart, SS, and drawings of a swastika in the downtown Booneville are on multiple occasions.

On Sept. 23, Sgt. Kody Smith was dispatched to a business in the downtown area to find the side of the business had been vandalized over the previous weekend according to a BPD Facebook post.

After looking at the writing Sgt. Smith quickly came up with possible suspects and began to try to locate the, the post states.

While searching for the suspect, Smith noticed that more vandalism in spots on First Street.

On Sept. 26, the BPD was notified that the park in the downtown area had now been vandalized, apparently, by the same suspects.

A newly painted D+R tag was discovered early Thursday morning, Oct. 3.