Logan County has $6,100.29 available

Schools and education groups throughout Logan County and Arkansas will have additional funding for conservation education thanks to fine money collected by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Commissioners unanimously approved all fine money collected from wildlife fine violations in Fiscal Year 2019 to be transferred to the Arkansas Economic Development Commission’s Division of Rural Services at last week’s regularly scheduled meeting.

Because all fine money collected in a county goes back to these education grants for that county, Logan County has $6,100.29 available.

The Division of Rural Services distributes the fine money through grants for which any teacher, principal or other educator may apply. These grants can enhance learning opportunities for youth, especially in some of the rural areas of Arkansas, where education dollars are at a premium. Many grants help promote AGFC programs such as Archery in the Schools, Project WILD and the Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program. Many educators also use the grants to fund expenses for conservation-oriented field trips, such as those taken to AGFC nature centers and hatcheries.

A list of available funds and a downloadable application is available at the Division of Rural Services website, https://www.arkansasedc.com/Rural-Services/division/grants/wildlife-education-grant.