Booneville Human Development Center nurse Debi Noah, was recently quoted in an article by the Arkansas Times. Last week BHDC officials recognized Noah for her remarks.

“Be warned, you will have your heart touched. You will laugh with each one and have great pride for the smallest accomplishments,” Noah, an LPN, was quoted as saying.

“As a valued member of the LPN Nursing staff at Booneville Human Development Center, we want to take the opportunity to thank you for your dedication to our nursing team and facility,” BHDC officials noted. “We are especially proud of your quote, chosen for publication in the September issue of Arkansas Times which reflects your kindness and compassion for our clients.

“There is a tangible satisfaction in helping others achieve their goals; whether it be as a nurse or a friend for when you step into someone’s life and make a difference, it is an incredible privilege as you have expressed in your heartfelt words. I hope that you find this recognition enough to express how much we appreciate you here at BHDC.”