In addition to residential trash collection services the City of Booneville also empties about 28 dumpsters on a regular basis.

Or it does when the older of its two trash trucks are operational.

The 2012 vehicle used for dumpsters has needed multiple repairs over the last six months and was picked up at a repair shop twice last week.

The first return of the truck lasted minutes Tuesday before a dash warning was activated, Mayor Jerry Wilkins said last week.

Finally, on Wednesday the truck was in use collecting the trash in the city’s dumpsters at the street department on Main, which have been full and off limits while the truck was being repaired, which also happened when the public dumpsters were located on Welsh Street.

The truck is becoming such an expense — towing the vehicle is $700, it’s about a $45 round trip for diesel fuel to go to the landfill, besides diesel use landfill fees — Wilkins is looking into buying another new vehicle.

“We need a truck where we can go to the landfill twice a week, rather than once a day,” said Wilkins.

It will likely be early 2020 before negotiations which will probably include trading in the problematic truck, are completed the mayor said.

“We usually get a new one every five years but if we can save $350 a month on diesel, that will be a chunk on the payment and we’ll get a warranty,” said Wilkins.

The newer vehicle, which clamps trash bins the city provides and dumps them, will be two years old at that point.