The Booneville Human Development Center, the former home of the Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium, will again be the site of a “Walk Through History,” in October.

The seventh such event, the walk, which will be led by Rachel Patton, the executive director of Preserve Arkansas, will get underway in front of the historic Nyberg Building at 10:30 a.m. on Oct. 5.

The walk will highlight the history and architectural design of the buildings. The campus was awarded National Historic District status in 2006.

Attendees are advised to be prepared for warm or cold weather and to wear comfortable walking shoes.

Following the walk, which will take about two hours, the Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium Museum will be open from 12:30 until 2 p.m.

Located on Pott’s Ridge south of Booneville, the Sanatorium admitted its first patient on Aug. 2, 1910. By 1940, the sanatorium was one of the largest and best of its kind in the country. It was self-sufficient, complete with its own farming operation, fire department, post office and water treatment plant.

The Sanatorium operated until 1973, and by 1940 it was the largest and best facility of its kind in the United States. When antibiotics made it easier to treat tuberculosis, facilities like the Arkansas Sanatorium at Booneville became obsolete.

The Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium officially closed on June 30, 1973, having provided care for an estimated 70,000 patients. Since that time, the campus has been home to the state-owned BHDC.