School starts next Tuesday in Booneville

Booneville Schools Superintendent Trent Goff begins the 2019-2020 school year with something he didn’t have when last year started: He is a licensed superintendent.

Completing 21 hours from June 2018 to June 2019 Goff completed the licensure requirements for the job of superintendent, which he was promoted to after the school board and former superintendent John Parrish parted ways.

While it was obviously no picnic, the trip through the Harding University curriculum was a little bit easier because Goff had already completed the first course when he was given the job.

Goff isn’t quite finished, however. He needs five more hours to complete the specialist portion of the degree but, again, he is licensed. The remaining hours will likely be completed during the spring or summer of 2020, Goff said.

“My goal was to get my license as soon as possible,” said Goff. “I’m thankful I was able to get that wrapped up.”

Of course he also comes into the new year with something else, job experience.

“I just tried to learn the job, day to day as it come to me so we didn’t add a lot of new things for this year,” said Goff. “We had a great year all around.”

In his first year as superintendent the school had a senior class that earned a potential of about $2 million in scholarships, there were more athletes sign letters of intent to play college sports than ever following record setting football and basketball seasons, band members signed, and more.

“The elementary school had a lot of positive things going on with their ‘rise and shine.’ We just had a good school year all around,” said Goff. “How do you improve? That’s our goal.”