Judge Dale Lipsmeyer annoucned last week he will be a candidate for a new district court judgship which will cover Logan, Yell and Conway counties.

For the last two years Lipsmeyer has been the District Court Judge in Conway County.

“My court hears a number of cases, including traffic violations,” said Lipsmeyer. “I am also in my 36th year of practicing law in Morrilton, where I have mainly done cases helping my friends and neighbors resolve various legal and family problems. In both my private practice and as a judge, I have prided myself in treating everyone with the courtesy and understanding that we should all expect. I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.”

Starting in 2021, a new district court will be created. It is the same job and the same type of cases Lipsmeyer has been handling in Conway County.

“I want to be your new district judge for these three counties. During my years of practice I have been active in the courts of all three counties, and many of you know me or know my reputation for hard work and fairness,” Lipsmeyer said in his announcement.

In addition to his current position where he presides over five courts, in the past he has also served as city attorney for Morrilton and Plumerville, and as chief prosecuting attorney for the 15th judicial district.

“I have years of experience to bring to the new district court position,” said Lipsmeyer. “Not only am I versed in the law, but I have learned to administer it both fairly and impartially. For many folks, district court is the first and maybe the only contact they have with the legal system. I want people who appear before me to leave feeling that they have had their day in court and were treated with respect and fairness.

“Being a judge can be hard work, but as a Perry County boy who grew up on a farm with my three brothers and three sisters, I can assure you that none of us were afraid of hard work. I was raised knowing the difference between right and wrong and the golden rule was the rule in our house. I have my family to thank for who I have become.”

Lipsmeyer says he understands a judge cannot take care of the public by himself.

“I must depend upon the hard work of the district clerks and their staff,” he said. “I respect my staff and I will always make sure that they are provided with the tools and training to make their jobs easier and to best serve our community.”

Lipmeyer says he is accustomed to going beyond the job description.

“Since I have been judge here in Conway County, I have made myself available day and night to assist our law enforcement officers when they have questions or need a warrant,” said Lipsmeyer. “They all have my cell phone number and know they can call on me at any time. I go to the jail Sunday mornings after church to hold bond hearings for people arrested during the weekend. Not only does this prevent them from staying in jail another night, it makes sure they do not have to miss work on Monday morning. It also saves the taxpayers money.”

If elected Lipsmeyer said he will continue to be as accessible as he is now and will continue to hold Sunday bond hearings in all three counties.

“I truly believe that I can make good things happen as the new District Court Judge. I therefore respectfully ask for your support and your vote,” said Lipsmeyer.

Lipsmeyer is married to Aleshia Warren. The couple has two children and two grandchildren. He attends Sacred Heart Church in Morrilton.