Andy Napier is running unopposed for a second term on the Booneville School Board and, as such and because his seat is the only position up for reelection, the school board has elected to conduct all voting in the race during the early voting period.

Act 1174 of 2005 permits the board to eliminate poll voting from a school board race if there are no opposed candidates and no tax rate changes being sought in an election.

Early voting for the election began on Tuesday. Ballots will be accepted during regular business hours at the Logan County Clerk’s office in the courthouse, located at 366 North Broadway in Booneville, through Monday, May 20.

Napier was also unopposed for the seat he holds in 2014. He previously lost a bid for a board seat in 2008.

School elections in Booneville are being held in May for the second straight year. A 2017 law changed school election date but allowed districts to select either a preferential primary date in May, or the general election date in November. Booneville opted for the May dates although there are no primaries in odd numbered years.

Magazine’s school board opted for November elections.