A counterfeit scam known as the “Chinese practice note” has made its way to south Logan County Booneville Police Chief Rusty Lewis said last week.

Two individuals have already been arrested and charged with passing the counterfeit bills and another person attempted to pass one at another retailer last Tuesday, according to Lewis.

In the most recent incident the retailer rejected the bill because it was uncertain of this authenticity but the customer left with the document.

The bills, Lewis said, can be purchased online and are purportedly used as training devices for bank tellers in China.

In their original state the bills come with Chinese lettering and markings, which, according to a February 2018 Modesto Bee story about the bills, translates “not to be used as real currency” and “bill to be used for counting practice.”

While a bill with the Chinese markings is easy to spot, Lewis said, people who purchase the bills are now putting them through a chemical bleaching process to remove the markings.

The bills come in different denominations but the denomination being used here has a $100, Lewis said.

The chief said he received word of a second retailer in the city encountering a fake bill on the same day last week but the owner said they had no bills rejected that day.

“According to them, all their bills checked good and they made a deposit,” Lewis said. “Sometimes you can write on them with that (testing) pen, but those pens are not foolproof.”