LITTLE ROCK — The Rural Fire Program, managed by the Arkansas Agriculture Department’s Forestry Commission, received $237,000 from the United States Forest Service to purchase and distribute 79 wildfire suppression kits to statewide volunteer fire departments in 2019.

Kits feature equipment and gear necessary for the safe suppression of wildfires and will be delivered to selected volunteer fire departments through May.

Logan County departments receiving kits in 2019 are the Driggs and New Blaine fire departments.

Volunteer fire departments are the primary partner to AFC crews in wildfire response and suppression but often need the specialized equipment and gear necessary for safe wildfire suppression. Since 2014, more than 300 volunteer fire departments have received Wildfire Suppression Kits through the Rural Fire Program. Kits distributed this year include lightweight wildfire-resistant personal protective equipment, hand rakes, back-pack water pumps, and leaf blowers.

Volunteer fire departments interested in participating in the Wildfire Suppression Kit program submit applications that are scored according to specific criteria including fire district population, the size of the response area, wildfire equipment response needs, and other factors. The application period for the 2020 Wildfire Protection Kit program starts in September. Contact Kathryn Mahan-Hooten at or (501) 679-3183 with questions or to be added to the Rural Fire Program email distribution list.