The tornado emergency siren system will again be tested at noon today (Wednesday, April 24) .

A test of the system three weeks ago revealed a problem between the siren and the tornado safe room on the campus of Booneville Elementary School.

When the siren is activated an signal is transmitted from the siren to both safe rooms which is supposed to trigger the locking mechanism to open and while that worked at safe room located between the junior and senior high schools, it did not at the elementary school.

An investigation into the problem revealed the fault was at the safe room, according to Booneville Police Department Lt. Ben Villarreal.

Villarreal said the system would be checked today to make certain it is working as designed.

The sirens sound only tornado warnings issued by the National Weather Service because conditions are favorable for a tornado to form at any point during the period for which the warning is created.

The sirens are not activated for tornado watches issued by the service.

Both of the safe rooms have been utilized in the past, the most recent coming during a basketball game in December of 2017 which sent the audience and teams — between 150 and 200 people — to the safe room for a short time.

During Memorial Day weekend in 2015 a tornado warning activated the siren and the elementary school safe room filled to near capacity.