South Logan County schools have all been graded as a C for the 2017-2018 school year.

The Arkansas Department of Education released the 2018 Report Cards for the 2017-2018 school year last week.

The full reports are available at the Report Card tab on the My School Info website (

All five schools in South Logan received a C grade, which is a letter grade improvement from last for Booneville Elementary School, and a letter grade drop for Magazine High School.

The five south Logan County schools are among the 380, or 36.8 percent, in the state to receive a C.

BES improved from a score of 62.06 to 65.02 with improvement shown in every subgroup.

Hispanic/Latino students at BES, which account for 5.1 percent of the population, exceeded the state average for the Every Student Succeeds Act which measures achievement, growth, English learner progress toward proficiency, graduation rates, and school quality and student success.

Magazine High School remained above the state average but saw an overall score drop from 70.62 to 67.46, dropping it into the C grade by 0.5 points.

Booneville Junior High School jumped from a score of 68.84 to a 69.44, just 0.5 points away from the threshold for a B.

Booneville High School saw a drop from a score of 69.28 to 61.96, 0.86 above the floor for the letter grade.

Magazine Elementary School saw a drop from a score of 69.77 to 67.73.

Notable statistics about area schools:

• At MES, 20 percent of the population is identified as special education. The state average is 12 percent. Remaining schools in the area range from 13 to 15 percent special education population.

• BHS students surpassed the state average on the reading portion of the ACT test at 20.76 to 20.32. MHS student average was 20.12.

• The composite ACT average for the state was 19.86. BHS students were at 19.63 and MHS students at 19.27.

• The average teacher experience statewide is 10.73 years, which is surpassed at both BES at 11.96 and BJHS at 15.71 years. BHS was 10.72 years.

• Booneville Elementary and Magazine Elementary schools both average 12 students per teacher, just above the state average of 11-to-1.

• Average per pupil spending by the Magazine School District was $10,992.71. In Booneville it was $10,324.61 per student. The state average is $9,914.

• All five schools in the area exceed the statewide poverty level of 63 percent, with Magazine Elementary having 82 percent of the population identified as in poverty.

On the north side of the county Paris High School and Paris Elementary School also received a C grade but Paris Middle School earned a B.

Scranton High School also was graded a B — there were 313 across the state — and Scranton Elementary School was one of the 152 statewide to land a A.