Wednesday afternoon, the day before the official start of the spring version of Sell It Again On Highway 10, one of the traditional spots had already set up displays, complete with tarps.

The forecast called for rain on Thursday, but with Sell It Again, that’s hardly news. The planned three-day yard sale extravaganza loses at least one day to the weather more often than not.

On Thursday that site, which is in a former auto service and convenience store featuring a covering and indoor shopping, was open, but it was one of likely very few along the 64 miles from Ola to Greenwood.

That would change on Friday when 20 or more stands, including a few located off of Highway 10, were open for business in the Booneville and Magazine areas. Several of those stands featured multiple families or vendors. More were located outside of established businesses.

While the variety of items available is wide, this spring’s event may have featured a first in a wedding gown, purported to be unused by the seller who explained the dress was purchased by a bride who subsequently found a different gown she favored more.

The spring edition of Sell It Again has been held for six years.

For those who didn’t, or can’t get enough of the yard sales, the Big To Do on 22 will be held this weekend, including through north Logan County.