A large quantity of suspected methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia was seized in Fort Smith during a Friday night arrest, a report from the Fort Smith Police Department states.

Officer Damon Trent Reeder was parked in the Walmart Neighborhood Market parking lot at 4900 Rogers Ave. at about 10 p.m. Friday when he saw a white Lincoln with two men in the front and a woman in the back pull around the front of the store. Reeder knew the driver to be Michael Kent Riggs of Fort Smith from a previous contact, according to the report.

A short time later, a white Oldsmobile entered the area and pulled up alongside Riggs before pulling around behind Riggs' vehicle. Two men exited the Oldsmobile, and Reeder could positively identify one of them as Jarrod Courtney Hessling of Fort Smith. Reeder drove to their location in the parking lot, called out Hessling and arrested him on an absconding warrant. Hessling was also arrested on a parole violation.

Reeder's search of the Oldsmobile turned up nothing. He asked Riggs about anything illegal in the Lincoln, and Riggs asked if Reeder could cut him some slack. Riggs told Reeder there was an ounce under the driver's seat and was placed under arrest. Riggs later admitted he brought the bag of methamphetamine to sell to Hessling, according to the report.

Reeder opened a lock box and found a large plastic bag, which was wrapped in plastic, containing a large amount of suspected methamphetamine and a large quantity of bags used to package narcotics for sale. More bags of suspected methamphetamine, a set of scales, and paraphernalia were found upon a further search of the car, as well as a spiral notebook containing a list of names and amounts of suspected sales of methamphetamine.

During this time, Reeder reported, an SUV parked next to where Riggs had been standing. After the SUV moved, police located a brown paper bag containing more bags of suspected methamphetamine. After the narcotics unit arrived to take over the investigation, all the suspected narcotics were seized, along with about $1,715 and Riggs' vehicle. Riggs was arrested on suspicion of trafficking a schedule I/II controlled substance and two counts of felony possession of drug paraphernalia.