The Arkansas Parole Board has made a recommendation of “with merit” of a commutation request for a man convicted of murder in Logan County.

Bobby Don Henry, 60, was convicted of first degree murder in February 1998 for the shooting death of Larry (Lawrence Joseph) Williams at Henry’s home in Prairie View December of 1996.

Henry was sentenced to life in prison.

Bill Strait was the prosecuting attorney at the time the case was filed but Jerry Don Ramey held the office when the case went to trial — Ramey is now the 15th Judicial District Circuit Judge — and Wendy Johnson was the deputy prosecutor in Logan County.

Current prosecuting attorney Tom Tatum II said he objected to a commutation for Henry last April and would do so again, noting that has been his stance on violent offenses since taking over as prosecutor in 2001.

Tatum was a deputy to Strait in 1996 but said he was not involved in the trial.

Henry was represented by Sam Sexton, Jr. and Ron Fields in the case.

The case was heard by Judge Paul Danielson. The Logan County Sheriff at the time was Ray Gack.

Henry’s case was the only one of 28 to be given a with merit recommendation by the Parole Board when it met in March.