Booneville Police Officers posted condemnation notices on an inhabited residence at 1447 West Main Street, a burned shell at 263 West First Street, and a vacant structure at 112 West Thomas Street on Tuesday.

The Booneville City Council had adopted resolutions starting the condemnation proceedings on the three residences when it met the previous night.

The Main Street property is owned by Edward Lund, Jr., the First Street property is owned by Valerie Jeremiah, and the Thomas Street home is owned by Brenda K. Wood, according to city officials.

In each case, the condemnation resolution approved by the council claims the structures are “unsuitable for habitation, unsightly, unsanitary, and constitutes a danger to the public.”

The resolutions also reference Ordinance 690 which sets the procedure for condemnation and removal of structures constituting a nuisance, and restoring the property to a safe and sanitary condition.

Once the condemnation notice is posted the owner of the structure has 30 days to tear down or abate the issue with the structure or it can be removed by the city and place a lien on the property.

The city condemned four properties on West Fourth Street in February of 2016.

Two of those homes have been removed and an individual currently restoring another home on the same block has expressed interest in restoring one of the condemned structures, city officials said.