The route for the sixth annual spring version of Sell It Again on Highway 10 is set for April 4-6 has been altered slightly.

Rather than presented as an west to east representation of the towns involved, this year it is billed from east to west, from Ola to Greenwood.

That 64-mile stretch of highway is also slighly fewer because the route no longer inlcudes Hackett. The event has also previoulsy contined into Perry County to Perryville.

Unlike last fall’s version, which sought participation along highways 10, 109, 23 and 22 — essentially making a loop of Logan County — the event is also exclusively Highway 10.

When created in 2010, the event was modeled after Bargains Galore on 64 and the Big To Do on 22, the later of which will be held the week after Sell It Again, on April 10-13.

As has been the case since its inception, there is no formal set of rules for Sell It Again, other than sellers must have permission to be on the property where they are selling merchandise and the merchandise offered must be legal to be sold.

The event typicaly changes daily as some vendors set up only one or two of the three days, and others have been known to get an early start on Wednesday.

About everything imaginable has been spotted in the south Logan County portion of the event over the years including collectibles and knick-knacks to medical equipment; from vehicles and boats to clothing; from furniture and appliances to art; or from electronics and entertainment recordings to foods like honey and baked goods. The proverbial kitchen sink has also been featured among plumbing supplies at times.

Some vendors have also offered food at their sites, or partner with food vendors to allow bargain hunters to fill up on the go.