Logan County Sheriff Jason W. Massey announced last week via the LCSO Facebook last week that he has been accepted as one of 30 first-term Sheriffs nationwide to the National Sheriffs’ Institute in Aurora, Colo. in April.

The Institute is a federally-funded, one-week school which is co-sponsored by the National Sheriffs’ Association and the National Institute of Corrections. All travel, lodging, and food costs are paid for by the Institute, Massey said in his statement.

Massey said he applied for the appointment because when he was with the Saline County Sheriff’s Office his boss then was selected for the program and Massey knew if ever given the chance he would like to attend as well.

“I guess I was fortunate,” the sheriff said of the selection process.”

The National Sheriffs’ Institute is the only executive leadership program developed specifically for sheriffs and has been presented since the 1970s. The NSI presents an ideal opportunity for first-term sheriffs to focus on their leadership role.

“They told us don’t plan on doing much. Your time will be devoted to class,” said Massey. “And they bring in people for all over the country to speak.”

According to Massey’s Facebook post, during class time, they will concentrate on that leadership role and discuss concepts that are fundamental to effective leadership.

There is little free time during the school with many of the classes also in the evening.

Specifically, according to a National Sheriff’s Association webpage, the training is geared toward:

• Providing the sheriff with a greater understanding of his/her role as a community leader.

* Providing the sheriff opportunities to assess and evaluate leadership styles and skills in the areas of bargaining, interpersonal communications, and personnel management.

• Understanding how organization ethics assist in managing staff; to familiarize the sheriff with key legal issues that impact on the office of the executive leader.

• Providing the sheriff with an understanding of the media and how to effectively communicate and work with the media.

• And overall, providing the sheriff with the administrative oversight necessary to effectively manage all areas of responsibility.

Actually, the work for the program started last week.

Massey said there were four sets of questions he had to complete online after he was accepted into the program.

“They had us do these personal assessments to really focus on your management style so they cans single you out and say what you need to focus on,” said Massey.