The Booneville School Board approved an expenditure of $50,400 to address a longstanding flooring issue at the district’s high school.

Superintendent Trent Goff said there have been issues with the floor tile “coming up” for as long has he has been with the district and that he would like to see the entire building reconfigured with polished concrete.

Goff said he wanted the project completed in two phases with the first one covering the hallways and cafeteria areas.

Only one company submitted a bid for the project, Goff said, and federal programs coordinator Scottie Pierce checked with superintendents in districts in northeast Arkansas where they have worked and received positive feedback.

Goff said the company also did a “scratch test” to verify the change should be successful and found only one potential issue, near the entrance between the auditorium and cafeteria that may require an epoxy overlay.

Goff said he inquired about adding a Bearcat face, as was done when the junior high floors were converted to polished concrete, and was told if the district purchased the stencil the company would add no cost for the overlay.

The junior high floor was converted to polished concrete in the summer of 2009.

In other matters Tuesday the board approved new salary schedules for both certified and classified employees.

The certified change was necessitated because of a new state law setting the minimum master’s degree salary at $37,450 which was $1,000 more than the district’s base rate for the education.

The classified change raised some cafeteria workers and substitute bus drivers to the state minimum wage to $10 for next school year beginning in August. Mandated changes would have taken effect on Jan. 1 of 2020.

Goff told board members the salary schedule would have to be completely revamped before the minimum wage increases again in 2021.

The board also approved the purchase of a new bus. A bid was sought for two last year but only one was purchased, Goff said, and the other bus was still on the lot for the same bid price of $77,286.