Booneville is now home to what is being termed a “free little library”.

Erected outside City Hall is an enclosed box that will contain books and other reading materials for anyone who has a desire.

A ribbon cutting was held Friday afternoon to formally open the library, which was stocked with coffee table books, young adult and other books, and a selection of magazines.

“This started about three years ago, Leslie and I talked about Booneville needing a free little library,” said Vanessa Wyrick. “I went to the mayor to get his approval to place it next to City Hall.”

Wyrick said the spot was chosen because “it would be easily accessible for the RV park and anyone in the community as it is next to Veteran’s Park.”

Oliver and Wyrick commissioned the free little library to be built by Randy Sollar and donated it to the city. Sollar was in town for the ribbon cutting.

“The free little library will have books appropriate for younger readers to adults, books will be free to all readers,” said Wyrick. “Books can be taken from the library or appropriate books donated by dropping those off. We will be checking it regularly to add books.”

Books checked out of the library can be kept, returned, or passed on, according to a sign in the box.