The Logan County Sheriff’s office is taking a more proactive approach in making sure sex offenders in the county are in compliance with registry requirements.

Last Monday the sheriff’s office, through its Facebook page, began listing the residence and criminal history of the highest level sex offenders residing within the county.

“We’ve really stepped up our compliance checks,” Logan County Sheriff Massey said last week.

The post also states the notice does not intend to cause alarm as the individual is not wanted by law enforcement and adds the notice is not to be used to intimidate the individual.

The same information is also readily available on the sex offender registry on the Arkansas Crime Information Center’s website, Massey said.

“You can (post Level) 4s, 3s and what they call high 2s, which are Level 2’s but their victims were under 14 years of age,” said Massey. “You can’t do Level 1 and the moderate 2s. So every once in a while we’re going to do these just to remind people.”

Massey said last week the new notification process via social media is just an extra layer of security for the residents of an area where a high level sex offender resides because the law requires only the agency whose jurisdiction in which the offender resides make only one notification.

The additional notification is helpful, Massey said, in cases where residents did not live in an area when the initial notification was made.

The initial requirement is a half mile to a one-mile radius, depending on the offender’s level, Massey said.

“But after that there’s really no checks,” Massey said. “But we do it anyway. We’re checking (Level) 4s a lot.”

After the initial notification Level 4 and 3 offenders must report to the sheriff’s office every three months and reaffirm all information, including address. Other offenders have to report every six months, Massey said.

During that visit the offender is photographed and asked a series of questions.

“We’re putting a little pressure on them,” said Chief Deputy Josh Scott, who is overseeing the compliance checks for the department.. “Which is really only doing our job.”

Scott said now an offender’s compliance is assigned to a deputy and that deputy will check on the level 3 or 4 offender on a monthly basis.

Offenders found to be out of compliance have a warrant issued for their arrest, Scott said.

There are currently four Level 4 sex offenders in the county. Overall there are as many as 90 in the county at any given time, said Scott.

That number doesn’t include any located within city limits where the respective police departments handle compliance for those offenders, Massey said.