A Fort Smith man was sentenced Tuesday to more than two decades in federal prison.

Aaron Greene, 27, of Fort Smith was sentenced to 23 years and four months in prison without parole on multiple counts of online coercing and enticing minors to engage in illegal sexual misconduct. Greene kept sexually explicit images of multiple minors on his phone and had an active sexual relationship with at least one female juvenile, according to a Western District news release.

Law enforcement officials in Georgia told Barling police officers in May 2018 that Green had been soliciting pornography depicting a 12-year-old girl. Greene after he was taken into custody admitted to entering online relationships with several female juveniles, the release states.

Greene also told police he had nude images of several of the minors on his phone. Investigators after obtaining a search warrant for Greene's phone found several sexually explicit images of the minors ranging from 12 to 15 years old saved under folders that were given a nickname to each of the minors, the release states.

A female juvenile from Oklahoma who was involved in the investigation told authorities Greene had sex with her twice in addition to sending her explicit images, the release states.

Greene in July 2018 was indicted on federal charges and pleaded guilty to enticing three minors online in October 2018. He has 10 years of supervised release following prison time, the release states.