The Ministerial Alliance Resource Center, located at 61 W. First Street, across from the Post Office, offers eligible Booneville residents food help, and to all residents clothing, housewares, books, videos, toys and other things at very low cost.

The center offers all the clothes you can fit in a Walmart bag for $2, and says they can get a lot of clothes in a bag. For free food help, people can go to the Arkansas DHS to verify income and eligibility requirements and can receive free food and clothing each month.

The Center is staffed by the volunteers from various local churches, all of whom are dedicated to the values of “Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and welcoming the stranger”.

Churches of the Alliance include Pine Log Baptist Church, Glendale Baptist Church and Lake View Pentecostal church. Many other local churches also support the center with food and monetary donations, and all churches are invited to participate and provide whatever support they can.

The atmosphere is one of joy at helping others, while having fun and good fellowship. Children are welcome, with books and toys and a happy and safe place. Families and individuals are helped in both material and spiritual ways, welcomed and appreciated.

The Center’s hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 9 a.m. to noon, and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Food is given out on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. The phone number is 675-2033. The Center looks forward to being of assistance to anyone and meeting new Booneville residents.