With the legalization of medical marijuana in Arkansas, the Booneville Police Department may not be actively seeking marijuana busts, but that doesn’t mean they are going to turn a blind eye to illegal activity either.

That was the case last Tuesday, BPD Chief Rusty Lewis said of a bust that saw four people arrested at the Capri Motel.

“(Marijuana) is not what they were after,” Lewis said. “They were looking for a person who had an outstanding felony arrest warrant. But if we run into something, we’re not going to ignore it.”

Depicted in a photograph posted on the BPD Facebook page were baggies, jars and other storage devices containing suspected marijuana along with $2,007 in cash.

Lewis said the individual authorities were seeking last week was taken into custody and transported the the Logan County Detention Center in Paris.

Lewis also said it should be noted just because medical marijuana is legal, that doesn’t mean it is legal for anyone to sell it.

Individuals and companies authorized to grow cannabis and dispense the product have been named.

Logan County is in Medical Marijuana Dispensary Zone 4 and three of its dispensaries are located in Fort Smith. The fourth is located in Bluffton in Yell County.

According to a July 2018 report by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, between 46 and 147 Logan County residents have been approved for medical marijuana cards. Statewide more than 6,700 cards have been issued.

Five companies have been approved as growers of cannabis. According to published reports, two of the companies are expected to begin delivering product to dispensaries as soon as April. Two others are expected to have medical pot available this summer. The fifth company has been delayed by a request to move to a new location.