Over the weekend and the first of this week many local residents have noticed a small wagon parked in the field across from Tyler Ford.

That little wagon, and it’s owner, Angela L. Wood, are on a two-year trek across America and back to create awareness for childhood hunger.

Anyone who had the opportunity to talk with her and get to know her, likely felt her passion for her mission.To learn more about Wood, and follow her journey, you can visit her website at https://challenge-america-equine-trek.com.

Wood started her journey from Kentucky in August of 2018. She expects to visit the west coast in August of 2019, and another year to return home.

Her story is full of people who have lent a hand, or a field for her horses to rest a day. She says she feels blessed beyond measure that she has been able to undertake this childhood dream of traveling by horse and wagon across America.

Wood is following the Cherokee trail north then will turn with the Oregon trail through Idaho and on into Washington State. From there she will travel the coastline south and return home via the Santa Fe Trail, blazed in the 1800s.