The City of Magazine officially grew yesterday.

Approved by voters in November, the city annexed about 625 feet of property on the north and south sides of Highway 10 from the western edge of the previous city limit to the eastern edge of Scott Creek.

That takes in minimal residences but also brings a couple of business locations into the city, subjecting them to collection of the city’s sales tax rate.

Magazine Mayor Stan McConnell said no study was taken to estimate what the increase would mean to city finances.

The increase in tax collection will be two cents on the dollar, bringing the total rate to 10.5 percent rather than the 8.5 percent collected when the businesses were subjected only to the county rate.

When the Magazine City Council put the question before voters, McConnell noted the 10.5 percent rate is the same which residents who make purchases in Booneville are subjected.

The tax breakdown in both cities is 6.5 percent for non-grocery items; two percent passed by county voters, the most recent one percent to build and maintain a new county jail which is under construction and should be completed this spring; and two percent approved by the respective city voters.

McConnell said there was little talk about the annexation question leading up to the election in November and there were no political signs suggesting voters take a side.

Shortly after the election city clerk Vicki Smith said there was a question as to whether being included in the city limit would dictate being part of the city’s sewer system. It does not.

Even with those affected by the annexation permitted to vote the measure drew only 155 total votes, with 117 being for the idea, or three in four.