Booneville Democrat publisher Kristyn Sims announces a new service available through the paper’s webpage.

“We’re often asked if a picture we have printed is for sale, especially those that appear with stories on our website,” Sims said. “Until now there has not been a really good way to make sales.”

That changed last week as photos which belong to the paper are now accompanied with a shopping cart icon which says simply, “buy photo.”

Clicking the cart will take the user to a website where they can select a size of the photo they are interested in acquiring as well as a particular finish for the print.

Additionally, the site can also use a picture to create a photo mug.

“People who are interested in our shots should check the site often because, while we are limited as to how many photos we can print from a given event, that isn’t usually the case with the website,” said editor Glenn M. Parrish. “For instance the state title gallery has 73 photos in it which are also available for purchase.”