Jerry Wilkins was elected to serve a fifth four-year term as mayor of Booneville in a runoff against Aaron Brewer yesterday.

Tuesday's runoff was necessitated when none of the five candidates on the Nov. 6 ballot received more than 50 percent of the vote.

On Tuesday Wilkins got 55 percent of the vote, winning with 293 votes to 247 for Brewer.

Wilkins had a 193-141 lead after early and absentee votes were tabulated Tuesday night following the closing of the polls.

After votes cast at the polls were counted Brewer was able to trim the deficit, but only by six votes.

Combined, only 540 eligible voters cast a ballot in the runoff. The race had drawn only 897 votes on Nov. 6 when Wilkins received 319 votes to Brewer’s 260.

Eliminated from the race in November were Bobby Halford, who got 234 votes, Harold “Porky” Kimbrell, who got 47 votes, and Edgar Baker, who had disbanded his campaign in September but received 37 votes